Operations and Administration

The flow of Administration of this Local council starts from the Chairman/Caretaker Chairman to the Head of Local council Administration ’

Operations And Administration Details


The local Government Administration is headed by the chairman, who could be either elected or appointment. He’s being

supported by the supervisors with the following portfolio Sup for Works, Sup for Education, Sup for Health, and Sup for

Agric & Natural Resources. In the legislative arm of the Local Government is the legislator or the councilors who ensure

the enactment of bye-law and strict adherence to same. However, these two (2) aims of government are not in place

presently. Hence the Caretaker Chairman in conjunction with the career officers runs the affairs of the Local Government.

At the other end are the career officers being headed by the Head of Local Government Administration under whom are

the Directors of the various depts. Namely; Director if Administration & General Service, Director of Finance, Director of

Works, Director of Education & Social Services, Director of Budget Planning Research & Statistic, Director of Agric &

Natural Resources, and Director of Environmental Health Services and the Primary Health Care Coordinator. Each of the

aforementioned heeds of Department has a Deputy while there are also units & sectional heads such as Establishment

Officers, Rate Officer, Cashier Officer in Charge of Marriage; all handling important schedule of duties in the Local

Government. The Internal Auditor operates directly with the Chairman as he is regarded as the officer in-charge of check &

balances in the Local Government.


The function of the eight departments; are diverse in nature:-


Administration & General Service Department:

The department is headed by the Director of Administration and General Service who is in charge of all personnel matters

in the Local Government as it affects all matters of the junior staff, though with the blessing of the Local Government

Service Commission; it is also saddled with the responsibility of coordinating the activities of the Junior Staff

Management Committee (JSMC) which include promotion, discipline and other related issues affecting the junior staff.

Administration Department is in charge of various standing committee in the Local Government such as Finance &

General purpose committee; the Traditional Council, Peace & Security. There are unit in the department attending to

various administration issues such as open, Registry, Establishment Unit, Main Registry, Driving unit and Typing pool.


Department of Finance & Supplies:

As the name implies, it’s in charge of finances of the Local Government and ensuring that internally General Revenue is



Education and Social Services Department:


Under this department is the information unit and the other two units namely; Women Affairs unit and Community

Development Unit. The department related matters as various associations are under the department. The department

also intervenes & recommends candidates for the issuance of certificates of origin and residence. The national council

for Women Society (NCWS) is also being manages by the department.


Budget, Planning, Research & Statistics Department:

This department collects & prepares dated annual estimate for the Local Government.


Agricultural & Natural Resources:

This department assists the local government on various types of farming, cultivation of land for food, cash crops and

practice of arable farming & animal production from the road to stipulated area.



 Primary Health care Department:


This department oversees the care of the people in both preventive & curative aspect. Drugs are procured with the fund

released for the pharmacy units which are later distributed to the health centers. The Local Government has a TBL Clinic

one widowhood and aged clinic, and a functioning family planning unit. The health centers are located at various areas in

the Local Government namely:-

Akorede health care centre, Adaramagbo

Mosfala health care centre

Agric/Olomi health care centre


Environmental Health Services Department:

The department ensures the environment cleanliness at both the length & breath of the Local Government oversees

issues of abominable notice on any erring member of the Local Government. It oversees the clearing and removed of

debris from gutters to enable free flow of water; removal of unknown dead bodies from the streets. During sanitation

exercise, it ensure that lunatics are cleared from the road to stipulated areas.


The director of Finance & Supplies and Director of Administration & General Service are both signatories to the Local

Government account while the Head of Local Government Administration and the Chairman confirm the payment.